User Reviews For: Fleeting Desire -Having to Live with My Adorable Best Friend!-


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ebookrenta0oan4tfyr Rating
Absolutely love how cute this couple is!!! Its just fluffy smut, I hope they don't pull in any rivals because I just wanna read all about the couple's sweetness
peichi Rating
Very cute, but the pacing is a bit strange and hard to follow. It's a pretty simple story with just a hint of fantasy, but I found myself confused at a few places about how much time had passed and where they were in their relationship. I also didn't like how huge the FL's tits are. I like big tits lol, I have them, but hers are just ridiculous beyond any laws of physics. I will still keep reading though, I like this type of ML and the smut is pretty good if you can look past the giant knockers.
UsagiReads Rating
Super cute manga! I'm already in love with Ami! It's a very cute manga with the premise of her finally able to get her childhood best friend to lover! Must read and the art style is super pretty and cute! Can't wait for the next chapter!
dfhjklhgfh Rating
really like the art, not sure about the story tho
KiaTakeru Rating
The characters are so cute and not having just the typical crazy over possessive male lead in it is great. Mimi is an adorable male lead who is just shy and ami is just so straight forward and earnest and loves mimi so much. It has been really cute but smutty so far and I am excited to see how things progress!
lalala Rating
Promising but not sure where this story is going to go! They basically really like each other anyway.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is adorable!!!! Ami and Mimi are so stinking cute. Glad that they both waited for each other. Wasn't expecting the whole mermaid thing, guess I should have read the summary. Arts really cute. The pacing isn't the greatest, but it's cuteness is what's gonna keep me coming back to see what these two sillies will do next.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Ohmyy! This is intriguing i love the plot and it's about childhood lovestory. I love the art i can't wait for the next chapter
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