User Reviews For: The Black Prince Makes the Wolf Pant


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MultiFandom21 Rating
This whole story line was amazing.
Hyuangie Rating
I really like this so far! The characters are drawn beautifully, and its something different from the mangas I've read. They combined a rich heir with a feminine guy that you would usually see as an uke. I love a reversed role manga, and if you enjoy that too this might be it for you!
ebookrenta0yerd49n6 Rating
Me encanto cuando el semen se hizo la víctima, me gusta mucho este manga.
ChattyK2125 Rating
So at first I was expecting the whole thing to be pretty sadistic. But yeah!!! It turned into the sweetest love story. Don't want to spoil anything but it is definitely worth the read.
Silverdragon725 Rating
I loved how cute they were, and after the rough start how they supported each other. Art was lovely
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