User Reviews For: Butter Milk Donors [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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dirtyangeltoes Rating
I absolutely love this artist. They come up with such hilarious but interesting situations and plot points, I'm laughing the whole time only to get caught off guard by how erotic the work is. I'm always falling in love with the characters and in awe at how the artist makes tired tropes feel fresh again by mixing up stereotypical 'roles'. Definitely worth a read, I also personally find the art work extremely charming.
syntaxerror Rating
Such a refreshing, sex-positive manga. There is no blushing gender role stuff whatsoever; Kiminari acts like no other uke. He is truly shameless and extremely self-confident. For such a silly comedy manga, the plot is surprisingly complex and gripping. I really care about who's going to win the Best Balls competition! Not to mention the commentary on being gay in a society that puts intense pressure on you to have children ... this manga is sexy and deep.
Daekin Rating
Okay, so this was fun to read, and kind of hot. The art's nice too. Just don't go into it thinking it'll have complex dynamics or anything.
naniaquien Rating
This is just porn with a nonsense plot and barely any relationship development. They teased a certain something that's rare, but they didn't follow through so that was disappointing although I can still see the characters going through it in the future.
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