User Reviews For: The Male Maid and the Devilish Manga Artist


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GregorIAN Rating
First story - nice, cute pair. Would've been a 4 star. Second story - why? Why would you put those two together? I really wish they just sold the first, but if they don't - man, it's just not worth it when half the book is infantilism. Ugh - ruined the happy smut buzz completely. (0 stars - almost negative stars frankly for me).
nbyk Rating
The main story is the best one. It's a classic naive guy with a more perverted one. They used to go to school together and end up having a ton of fairly consensual sex.The baby one and the Please G something one are really non con and dub con-y. Don't recommend.The captain one at the very end was okay.I'd say more rent than buy for this one
mushrooms Rating
The first story is so funny, I love how ridiculous and over the top it is. After the main couple is three one shots, with the first one involving an adult baby kink scenario; it's personally not my cup of tea but I'm not here to judge, just letting people know about it so they're not surprised when they see it.
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