User Reviews For: Don't Run Away from My Love -Childhood Friends No More-


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PurpleMurple234 Rating
Cute, sweet, and short romance novel.
Nanami Rating
The artwork is super cute and the female lead is very likeable. Sadly, even though I don't usually have a problem with dubcon, the male lead behaves in a really passive-aggressive and manipulative way which makes it more creepy than hot.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
I just want to say. I hate you Author for making me cry it really hurts! Why you did this manga it was the best NTR that i've ever read. I can't hate the fc since the mc is the same way too for not revealing it as soon as he make a move to her. Mygaaad my heart is broken! I hope they will become together coz! Childhood love is the best ever even thoug i never expirience it in my whole life. This manga deserved a 5 star it was perfect for me can't wait for mooooore
Pami Rating
Wow... this hurt my feelings..........but I welcome the pain. Great story! I'm a huge fan of one-sided love with pretty art.
xx93 Rating
I like a story line very cute but FL is too naive. Art is pretty good.
0057409 Rating
So far up to chapter 3, I like the characters and their relationship. If you're into childhood romances this might be a good match for you.
Reader57 Rating
Really like this storyline so far since it's pretty intimate between the main two characters. I really hope all things end well for the both of them! Cant wait for the next chapters!
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