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Cram Rating
So cute! More please!
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh gosh it's such a cute start! A little fast of a chapter, but so adorable that I can't wait to giggle at the next!
ebookrenta0l7v4zi0h Rating
So sweet ???????
XxbubbateaxX Rating
The characters are sooo cute and the overall style of the manga is very good! I really like the story so far so I would definitely recommend this. :3
tsndglss27 Rating
so cuteeeee
fairydancer Rating
I really love both main characters so much~ the drawing style is also very nice.
LaRuena Rating
This manga is funny and sweet! Literally my cup of tea
Shyshy Rating
This is a good manga, good drawing a lot of things to play on for the story to go. there were some parts that I wish they would have did more on instead of making it so short. I look forward to reading the rest and have become a fan. Thank you for your good work!
BLFCaleb21 Rating
I love how the story progresses! I can't wait for the next chapter. Oh do please hurry!
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