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Cram Rating
So cute! More please!
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh gosh it's such a cute start! A little fast of a chapter, but so adorable that I can't wait to giggle at the next!
Loveyaoi Rating
Love the story the characters just wish I didn't have to wait so long for new chapter sBut love it Has to be one of my favorite bl
ebookrenta09t18my5u Rating
the chapters are too short for us to wait as long as we are for new ones, but i am obsessed at this point so i don't even care. I NEED CHAPTER 9
Mcruz63 Rating
I didn't think I was gonna like it as much as I did but its a really cute manga.
puriinsu Rating
The art is cute and the pacing isn't too bad. I really enjoy reading this, very excited for the next chapter!
ebookrenta0l7v4zi0h Rating
So sweet ???????
XxbubbateaxX Rating
The characters are sooo cute and the overall style of the manga is very good! I really like the story so far so I would definitely recommend this. :3
tsndglss27 Rating
so cuteeeee
fairydancer Rating
I really love both main characters so much~ the drawing style is also very nice.
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