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Cram Rating
So cute! More please!
ConsumeTrash Rating
This manga is ass. Oh my god, this story is trash, and I couldn't stop reading it, if only because it was completely unpredictable. Nothing established is set in stone, no one acts remotely human, it's completely bereft of logic, and it's BAD. But I COULDN'T STOP, MAN! HELP. Let's just start off with this. Uke says, "Seme, we should probably buy things to convince your parents that we're gay!" Seme says, "Like what?" Now, you may be thinking, "Something that makes them immediately look like lovers...Rings?" Congratulations, you are a normal person! But uke isn't. Uke then whispers his recommendation to get some sex toys. The easiest way to convince your parents that you're gay is by letting them walk in on your dildo enclave. They'll see a vibrator and say, "Oh, my son MUST be gay. I'll stop trying to marry him off now!" That's chapter one shit. It continues to be this incomprehensible. I will absolutely be renting it as it comes out because it's garbage and I'm damn invested in it.
Orionsbeltloop Rating
The only thing I don't like about this series is that I didn't know it wasn't done! That cliffhanger should be illegal!!! The basic plot of the story is a bit... Weak, but let's be real. I'm not reading this to examine depth of plot lol The main characters are sweet, if not a bit infuriating with the typical romantic miscommunications, the artwork is well done, it's heavy on the romance and has some good ~spicy~ sections. All-in-all, I highly recommend it! Now I just have to find a FINISHED series to read because I feel so unsatisfied without a resolution!!
Loveyaoi Rating
Love the story the characters just wish I didn't have to wait so long for new chapter sBut love it Has to be one of my favorite bl
ebookrenta09t18my5u Rating
the chapters are too short for us to wait as long as we are for new ones, but i am obsessed at this point so i don't even care. I NEED CHAPTER 9
Mcruz63 Rating
I didn't think I was gonna like it as much as I did but its a really cute manga.
BLFCaleb21 Rating
I love how the story progresses! I can't wait for the next chapter. Oh do please hurry!
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh gosh it's such a cute start! A little fast of a chapter, but so adorable that I can't wait to giggle at the next!
Dez Rating
I really like the story but i need more! The updates are really slow to come! We've been on chapter 14 cliffhanger for almost a year now. I really hope they finish this story.
puriinsu Rating
The art is cute and the pacing isn't too bad. I really enjoy reading this, very excited for the next chapter!
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