User Reviews For: Love Me with Your Butt, Mr. Pecs!


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PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
3.8 star. It's a bit dumb but cute. I like it cause I like the style of the characters, more my type, cute beef cake(bottom) and slim delinquent (top). Uh story wise it would be even better if it was funnier since the story is already questionable.( I like age gap a lot!, but not HS they're still immature) I'd recommend to rent before making a decision. Although I tend to buy in order to remember whether I will buy the next one.
SomaAne Rating
Skeptical at first (was slightly put off by the super literal title lol), but I have read this three times already. I love the dynamic between the two main characters. Likeable and sweet characters exploring their new and unexpected love. Riichi's age is slightly cringey but I have to remember that age of consent in Japan is lower than in North America. Jinbei is a sensitive and kind teacher and partner, so it makes up for it for me a little. Gorgeous characters, though a little sweaty (kind of hot though I guess), cute story. I hope they end up happy together and can't wait to read more.
greiizz Rating
The Bad thing is that the story goes fast but the art is good, you have a mix of fun and drama. It's not really realistic but it's enjoyable :)
AinoKusabi Rating
Good so far. Mr. Pec's (for short) starts with an atypical scenario and it has the sexy smut. Sweat drops are a bit much, whatever. But I think there's more going on than the MCs' budding relationship. I'm hooked and looking forward to the next chapter.
val Rating
Came for the art, stayed for the art and the absolute ridiculousness that is everything that this story is. Extremely questionable set up, honestly if this was a story about real people it would be kinda? horrible. But this is a smut manga designed to be enjoyable, so if you like the various kinks within, it's a fun and funny read. I love the aesthetic of the main pair, the both of them are so gentle and invested in each other, but yeah try not to think too much about the plot if you want to like this one. Honestly the art is the best part about this whole series, and was enough to get me hooked and wanting more.
BoneSis12 Rating
This was actually pretty cute to see play out
basexheight Rating
Very good. Would recommend
Namikoko Rating
An interesting experience AHAH!Story is heavily sex driven, the teacher is a beefy bottom though! I do like beefy bottoms but the top was a little to skinny for my preference ahah! I might rent more chapters in the future but for now I think I can see where the story is going :) I'd say you should rent too!