User Reviews For: Love Me with Your Butt, Mr. Pecs!


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PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
3.8 star. It's a bit dumb but cute. I like it cause I like the style of the characters, more my type, cute beef cake(bottom) and slim delinquent (top). Uh story wise it would be even better if it was funnier since the story is already questionable.( I like age gap a lot!, but not HS they're still immature) I'd recommend to rent before making a decision. Although I tend to buy in order to remember whether I will buy the next one.
greiizz Rating
The Bad thing is that the story goes fast but the art is good, you have a mix of fun and drama. It's not really realistic but it's enjoyable :)
AinoKusabi Rating
Good so far. Mr. Pec's (for short) starts with an atypical scenario and it has the sexy smut. Sweat drops are a bit much, whatever. But I think there's more going on than the MCs' budding relationship. I'm hooked and looking forward to the next chapter.
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