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SqueakyBean Rating
This was an absolutely adorable little trip. My only complaint is that there isn't more, because I could read these cat stories for the rest of my life. It gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling as I read it, and I'll definitely be using it as my go-to feel-good read.
MeisterJ Rating
An adorable collection of cat centric comics, cats can talk and walk like people. They're guides and more enriching the lives of the people around them. The art is charming and the stories wholesome. If love to see more by this creator, either more cat comics or just the other kinds of stories they create this was just such a pleasant experience.
Mamie Rating
Super sweet stories. I was hoping for more than the first one, whose characters and setting both really captured my heart. The ending of the last story was a lovely way to finish them all. :)
Pete Rating
Can electrician's bake?
Leatrixrmf Rating
Even if you're not a cat lover, this collection of stories should still appeal. All the stories have a cat as the main character, with the humans being the ones assisted rather than the other way around. The main story has a talking cat as its MC and its clear the mangaka really loves that aspect of the stories.These stories are lovely and I'll definitely be re-reading them again in the future.
kronosking Rating
I like my favorite cat mangas.
SakuraDgreat Rating
A really nostalgic story since I used to have cat that understand me well. The story used children as the one talking with the cat, as the one believes that cat coud talk and as the one who have a dreamlike fairy-tale wish in their hearts. Thus, it made the story very valuable, and remind one of their childhood experience, probably talking & trying to understand a cat and even wish the cat could talk. If you like a story with values & family like setting, a cute cat & a tea made by cat, you probably want to try and read this book.
HorseObsessed Rating
?OH MY GOD!!!?SO CUTE!!!? You really need to get this one!!!?
Smudgestar Rating
Really cute short stories about adorable cats employed at a temple?? the art is great, cats are cute, totally recommend ?
Weeb4Life Rating
Very cute and laid-back. The title only applies to the 1st half of the story where Bonten, an inexplicably talking cat with equally inexplicable and ill-defined magical powers, and his owner help people (all girls who look way too similar) with their mundane problems (that the girls should really have been able to solve themselves). I preferred Clavay's Keys over this because their characters and their problems were far more interesting, diverse and relatable, and the magic was more consistent and, well, "magical". The 2nd half is more slice-of-life with completely different characters and plots, with the only thing tying everything together being the theme of cats helping people with their problems. My main gripe is how confusing things can get since it's so often hard to tell who's speaking. All speech bubbles are identical and the same text font is used for everyone, and often they'll show one person when it's someone else talking. It's too incoherent at times for a full 5 stars.