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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is a tough call. No one likes affair stuff, right? It's just not cool. But this mangaka loves her melodrama and she's delivering it up good! Kana is torn between wanting a taken man than has been pursuing her hard and the new guy who wants her just as much. She's guilty about what she's been complying to with her boss/lover. She obviously doesn't like herself. Art is great. The internal struggle is great. I hope this gets worse before it gets better because she doesn't deserve easy.
Hana1519 Rating
Oh my. This one is a bit tough. The female lead knowingly has an affair with her married boss. Then comes a second male lead who loves her despite knowing the affair. Now she has to choose between the two. I feel bad for the wife and I'm wondering what will happen next.
TheDarkhold Rating
Shouldn't use logic when it comes to this type of manga but I love how the plot gradually unfolds. The drawing is quite consistent from chap 1 to chap 5. Quite a good smut manga to spend time reading :)
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