User Reviews For: Indecent Gentleman in the Fitting Room


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AlwaysAnju Rating
I love this old fashioned, classy style. This did a great job of showing the beautiful side of a fetish/obsession. I'm normally repulsed by the idea of a foot fetish but this made me appreciate it in a different light.
BlackBelle Rating
I really love this one. I'm usually not into anthologies, but this one was great. The main story is about the cover couple, which holy, steamy! I also loved the story about the 40yo taking his hot subordinate to a hotel for his birthday. I won't ruin it, but it was very sexy and sweet. Overall I really enjoyed this anthology, and while it might not be for everyone, it's really worth the read.
DWCorvid Rating
The main story was nice and incredibly classy. The seductive gentleman type is definitely portrayed well and the sex scenes are gratifying. I didn't care much for the side stories though, they were a little hard to follow and felt sort of rushed. When taken as a whole the anthology is nice but I likely would have rented it for a short read rather than purchasing it permanently I known.
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