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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yes!!! Finally a harlequin hero I can standby. I love Ajax. He's so rigid and lives by plans and rules and is all about self restraint. Finally a hero that isn't a player. He's living with a lot of remorse from when he was a teenager who partakes in sin with women he thought wanted him, he has a dark past he's not proud of. And he's always known Leah would be his undoing. I just wish there was more passion shown here. Otherwise great characters and art is great and it's an overall great story.
Majala Rating
Great and great story - finally something that is not a paper thin plot with two dimensional characters. Great story and genuine empathy with the two leads.
votoran Rating
Super cute and funny, a ray of sunshine really. Everything has small problems but they really don't affect enjoyment.
ebookrenta0bxxit05p Rating
Average art...lame story...a pain to read honestly...
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