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LetMeIn Rating
Just a delight to read this! Shounen ai, slow pace with a great and an unique story! You can see how the boy's feelings grow and how he himself doesn't even understand it yet. The love interest so far seems to have only neutral feelings yet a bit interest towards the boy at the end. As the other comment said, CLEARLY A FIRST STORY IN THE SERIES! Nothing much happens between the (future) couple in this volume, but who cares since the story is just that interesting. Very sweet and the conflict the boy experiences with his power is super interesting.
opippy77 Rating
SO CUTE AND ORIGINAL!! Normally, I'm all about the smut & not so much about the cutsey-pooh. BUT, this story is so different from the norm in concept, it's refreshing. The MC is darling! Again, there is ZERO smut... but this story is still a must read.
funbrillo Rating
This is so cute and fun. The characters are all very likable. A little bit of fantasy mixed in. It is obviously the first in a series. Also, I think you can pretty much figure out two other couples to be that are hopefully written about later. There are no sex scenes so don't expect that.
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely love this story but I have a problem with the fact that it just leaves you hanging and it is says it is complete. I would have given it 5 stars if there was a 3rd book that continued their story I mean they didn't even start dating or anything. We need to know more about their future.
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