User Reviews For: When the Snow Thaws [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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ChattyK2125 Rating
This title was worth every penny. Many on here filled with Smut and I do like that but this was a beautiful yaoi love story with out the smut. The anticipation was just as exciting. I absolutely cannot wait until Part 2 comes out. Perhaps he will be near graduation again??? I can't wait to see their love deepen in #2.
HorseObsessed Rating
OH MY GOD, I LOVE THESE STORIES!!! You need to get this book!!! With the last one, the ending was so unexpected, you expect everything to go like the same for 99% of all Yaoi. But the author throws in a corkscrew ending! Sad but refreshing at the same time. This is a little bit of a spoiler: they missed their time to be together. :( You need to check this one out!!! :()
Yaohboy Rating
I really liked the way this story unfolded. I would love to see this story continued with these characters. I usually struggle with big age differences but this yaoi did not make me uncomfortable and in fact addressed the issue quite seamlessly. I enjoyed it and I hope you do too!
TomatoKah91 Rating
I was really hesitant to read this one, because I'm not a fan of teacher/student relationships at all. But in saying that, I didn't find this story to be uncomfortable at all. I really enjoyed it, the age gap was handled well and it was really a beautiful, slow burn love story with an ending that satisfied. There are two other stories at the very end. Final Chapter broke my heart - but it was still beautiful. But there's an extra snippet after that of When the Snow Thaws which lifted the spirits again.
starfish Rating
I'm so excited to see this here! I've read the story several times in Japanese and I absolutely love it. The art is great, I like the characters, and the story is really good. I hope to see the other book in this series eventually too! A++ read.
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