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Amaranth Rating
One of the best I've ever read! Yes super Trigger Warning! But I love the struggle these guys go through.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh man it's back! This series is like one of those you regret reading for your sanity's sake, but also can't stop coming back to. I look forward to (and dread haha, especially after reading that synopsis) the next chapters. Though my heart is going to go through the ringer again. And that first chapter, dang.
OKei Rating
It worths keep reading all these chapters and the next volume as well!
AA Rating
Loved these 2 crazy boys. Was worried about Cole and Alex but they worked themselves out. I like that these characters are messy.
MioAkiyama Rating
MC may be emotionally & mentally unstable but this just portrays another type of character in the MC that shows his insecurity about being able to date his first crush, thinking he is not good enough for him, and also scenes of suicidal intentions. Not ur regular fluffy BL storyA need to read the 1st series, 2nd, and 3rd!! I recommend people to hang on and continue reading.
matsuokajean Rating
ahhh alex and cole my beloved!!! a new character and more problems down the line but the fact that both of them are a little insane solved it all. curious what would happen next!!!
KindaKoi97 Rating
Sweet Heart Trigger's art style and character devolpment is on of the best I've read. I get that the dark themes touch on aren't for everyone. I think the balance of smut and believable characters makes this a great return read.
MickLock Rating
It's alright.
ZellaSky Rating
After chapter 6 it's complete?! T_T noooo I need more Cole in my life! Please if there is a Sweetheart Trigger 3 license it, I'll get on my knees and beg if I have to.I love this Artist's works I have all of volume 1 and Jawbreaker
vyu Rating
Love the pacing and drama, can't wait for next new chapter!
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