User Reviews For: Your Tongue Needs Silencing -Delving into the World of Submission-


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lola Rating
I'm not so sure about this one. I really like the art and all. The female MC is more of the innocent type and the male lead is pretty sadistic, which I don't mind. I really like to read that kind of stories now and then but there is blackmail in this one. (Spoiler: The male lead blackmails the female MC with a tape he took without her consent when they had sex and now he wants her to be his slave or else he will release the tape) I don't know but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I read it.
Maridouce Rating
Wow, this manga is incredible ^^ It is as good as Prone to his teasing which is another manga by the same author. I would even say that this manga is perhaps a little more sadistic than the other ~?~ I can't wait to see more ^^
mebrown32 Rating
Aside from a teeensy tiny amount of blackmail, this is an excellent series. The female lead is clearly into the humiliation, and while the male lead is definitely sadistic, he also takes care of his sub. Only wish there was more!
Normenkunde Rating
The tendency to sadism and the tendency to masochism lies in a disturbed childhood. These people belong on the bench of a psychiatrist. But humanity is apparently already degenerated and disturbed to such an extent that this can be sold as a "love story".
Chloekeet Rating
Had some consent issues in the beginning, hence the 3 stars
Geekshic Rating
It's hard for those not into it but its a wonderful story. I highly recommend especially if this is your jam
loopysheep Rating
One of the best BDSM series.
Jangjangdynasty Rating
It's controversial, like all S&M stories are. Pacing and art are great! Can't wait for the coming chapters!
Andromeda Rating
Woah. So hot. I am an S soooo... guess how much I like the male lead who is a giant M! Love. This story makes my heart squeeze and gives me chills. Both leads are awesome, and I am super intrigued as to what is gonna play out here. Actually I am dying to know! I cannot wait for the next chapter! I read this author's other work on here, ' Prone To His Teasing' and it is awesome, so I read this story, and as I suspected, I love it!
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