User Reviews For: My Sweet Wild Prince -Little Angel Turned Buff Beast-


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Bunnione Rating
Woohoo so happy! I adore this artist ,check out the other two manga by this author and see of you like the style and flow. 1st chapter of the new one and already off to a great start, love childhood friends and a pri nce with a (smexy) side. I cant wait!
gingerlemon Rating
Anyone else uncomfortable with how that sexual assault went into a sexy scene afterwards? Just me? Feel like that wasn't addressed well.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Ugh! Yamamoto sama never fails to amazed me gooosh! It was soooo hot as ever and i love already our MC's cuteness and hotness damn!! Thank you so so much erenta sama for bringing the wonderful manga to us. Please! Keepsafe as always. Afterall our health is way mooore important
RoyallyInnocent20 Rating
I love it. I love anytjing by this manga artist. She makes such cute, sexy, and great stories. I love them. The art is unique, and the sexy scenes are to die for ??
kpopgurl2118 Rating
Another great work from one of my favorite artist. A very great start cant wait of what will become of our main couple.
momo18475 Rating
This is such a cute story! I love it so much!
Noodlebat Rating
Easily one of my top 5 fav artists. Check out her other work if you like this one. Highly recommend them all.
shiseiten Rating
I love this artist's manga so much!!! Their style of bodies is amazing and unique and I love their leading ladies. Each one has such a strong personality and it's always so fun reading their stuff. I hope renta can update all of these stories soon!
Juri09Zg3 Rating
Thank you! I love this story
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