User Reviews For: Can I Taste You? -This Young Buff Wants Me-


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KougaMyazawa Rating
Waaaaayy too rushed, everything that could happen in a chapter lasts for two pages, the sex scenes are too fast, the plot exposition goes by too fast, it hits good from one scene to another, it's a giant mess!
jammmmmmms Rating
The smut is * Italian kiss hands* great
Korugane Rating
So far, it's mostly smut, but the art is lovely and the scenes are pretty hot.
AlicesWhoreHouse Rating
I thought the characters were cute so I bought this, but the story was rushed as hell. This didn't even have to be 2 chapters with how rushed it was it and the sex scenes wernt even worth it. If you wanna waste your money go ahead, but in my opinion but something else.
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