User Reviews For: Coy Innocence -Getting Set up with My Doting CEO!?-


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Zeet Rating
One of my fav manga on this site. Yes the story is a bit cliche but art is beautiful and the lead character are cute and lovable. I am always eagerly waiting for the next release.
Jangjangdynasty Rating
The pacing of this story is SO GOOD! The male lead is so hot and the steamy scenes are really well drawn. Please release the next chapters!
152603152603 Rating
Cliched story but still a good one.
mariamaria Rating
I'm a sucker for good guys with a naughty side. Great drawing, so far okay story line. Looking forward to the next update!
yumyumRamen Rating
This is upsetting the fact they everyone is walking all over the Female Mc even her family using her as replacement. I kind of feel bad for her because I know this is going to backfire at her. She need some back bone and learn to say "No" or "Enough is Enough"
songkim2020 Rating
Love the cliff hanger and love scene scenario. Not your run of the mill ofc romance.
Fv44 Rating
Very sexy, I gotta say, it's hot with an interesting storyline. I can't wait to read more chapters, keep them coming!
shirutsune Rating
The art is very beautiful and though the story is under a pretty cliche premise, it is pretty interesting still. Also very steamy for the first chapter so I'm expecting it'll get steamier from here. Excited to see the next chapter!
Fantasygirl14 Rating
I like it very much. Can't wait for the next chapter. Where can I read the raw version of it?
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