User Reviews For: Got You in My Sights


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GregorIAN Rating
Conflicted - this is a one shot and it really feels like we needed more information, but I guess it is all there on the last page. Chiaki got poached. Would like to see the plotting from the other side.
Renta74 Rating
Really liked this. Good art, hot sex, and a sweet twist at the end.
Reader1234 Rating
Something always gets me about stalkers in love lol
Gateau Rating
I really liked it but it was a bit short. It is a one shot after all. The ending left me wanting more. I would really like to know the story from the other characters point of view.
Kumamoon Rating
I have to say that.. it was what I expected but.. well...
kayer713 Rating
I liked the ending but now I want more.