User Reviews For: Hey... Do You Know How Babies Are Made? -From Today We're Brothers-


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kurome Rating
So good so far good, since I'm into black haired ukes. That step brother better not be playin with him though -~-
Ftgdggsoogst Rating
I loved it so very much
hinata Rating
I like it but I think it needs something more ? that way I gave it 3 stars
theakaneko Rating
It's ok... can be a little hard to follow exactly what it's going on, moves fast, leaves many questions even after completed... but not bad. Had potential and filled some of it. Wish was longer so could allow for more actual development.
Digitaldame Rating
A lighter romp story. The title could possibly lead you astray, so if you are looking for a mid to heavy "steam" hitter, this is not the story. It seems that the storyline had the potential of also extending into additional volumes that could give the two main characters more of a backstory.
LMonster2 Rating
Too slow for me. Fun premise and story idea but it didn't draw me in yet and that's a bit sad for a first chapter.
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