User Reviews For: Three Angles of Love -My Body Isn't Ready for Two Boyfriends-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I want double the trouble too!!!! Except Yuki seems like the perfect gentleman. After dating seriously for six months Yuki and Chihiro have finally moved in together and are ready for the next step. Only they didn't think that next step would include a clone of Yuki!! I need more entail on that special juice Yuki drank. Art is gorgeous. Characters seem likable. More please!!!
yaoipeepee6969 Rating
oh my god this is hot! I'm jealous! That's the only way to get a threesome without cheating to one boyfriend lol. I look forward for more! ???
KinkyWaffle Rating
The ending was underwhelming, bittersweet, and came on very quickly. It was really cute and very steamy though, through the whole thing. really picks up in chapter 4.
Labj143 Rating
Promising! It's sexy and funny. I still definitely continue to read.
MrsKujo Rating
Its pretty goodIts like most smut manga
meliachan Rating
Hot story with very steamy threesome scenes. I only wish there were more chapters!
ebookrenta06g3ce3b8 Rating
Hot! Sexy men, good story telling, super sexy art!!!!!
Evanescence10293 Rating
This story is very interesting, want to know what happen next.
shirutsune Rating
I can't wait for more chapters! Her boyfriend is 2 now OMG and theyre both hot aa