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SaraN Rating
So yeah, this is just adorable smut. Only one couple in this story. No drama, just two guys falling in love with lots of smexy times and a little misunderstanding. We get a flashback in the last chapter which is nice. The art is nice, and the uke is beautiful. The seme is cute though his "mustache" is kinda sad lol. Worth the points IMO. Solid recommend for smexy fluff.
Broesa Rating
Adding to more positive comments about this book. It's very much worth the purchase! The main leads are very cute together and there's a lot of smut, so it's the best of both world really. Slight drama at the reveal but it's nothing too frustrating.
Salis88 Rating
Well worth the buy
ChattyK2125 Rating
It was a little sad that Asahiko was so beautiful but lacked confidence and his boyfriend, Romeo was worried because people put ideas in his head. He knew Asahiko or was getting to know him. He could feel in his heart something was not right but chose to ask others rather than Asahiko. When he did, their relationship grew.
quietussleeps Rating
Just adorably cute!
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