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funbrillo Rating
Yes!!! I have been waiting for this series to be available in English. It is such a good series and the couple start out in a questionable way but quickly move into a cutesy loving couple. The series shows the development of their relationship and I think it is low on drama. Just focused on them through the years. It is really worth the purchase.
jingleclove Rating
A couple who initially began from convenience slowly but surely blossoms into one of mutual attraction. Yajima and Kazumi are a duo that bounce off each other extremely well, slowly falling more in love and somewhat kinkier as their relationship develops. There's multiple volumes to this series that shows how domestic they become after opening up to each other properly. Of course they have their disagreements, but actually have great communication to settle their issues properly. The story is warm in an odd sense, you just can't help but hope that they never get tired of each other. Their banter is endearing in an "Oh you don't want to leave yet? I'll keep us tied up together." There's obviously consent with their play, but the way Yajima thinks sometimes makes it even more over the top. Kazumi is whipped for this man with daddy issues, but who wouldn't after seeing how he acts.This is a story where you can reread it and always feel fulfilled once you finish it. It's just that fun.
MioAkiyama Rating
Your common salaryman fell in love with his boss to only find out he got played with. Comes along a younger man that he thinks would only end up with a 1 night stand but eventually grew to something else. The clingy and absolute possessiveness both MC show for each other gives one diabetes to the core. I LOVE IT
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