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EmTheHooligan Rating
Honestly the whole concept of Mayuri and his 6-year-old “sister” was super creepy. But it was legit hilarious and kind of sweet like a shojo romance. My favorite parts were definitely the fights, pretty intense actually haha. And the ending was a surprise! I'd love to see a sequel to it like the author talks about in the afterward.
theakaneko Rating
The art is good, the story is... a little weird. For the most part, you can easily forget that the older brother, Maki, is supposed to be 6 and just go with "amnesia-ed into an innocent girl since her Dad and other brother insist on treating her as such". I enjoyed it and would love to see the proposed sequel come to fruition, as well as seeing snippets of this couple's future.
Cyfi Rating
Outrageously weird, goofy and ALMOST really sexy?the censorship ruined that though:(
malicia Rating
I should have read the summary... not chose based on the cover... this is at best pointless and stupid... -_-
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