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EmTheHooligan Rating
Honestly the whole concept of Mayuri and his 6-year-old “sister” was super creepy. But it was legit hilarious and kind of sweet like a shojo romance. My favorite parts were definitely the fights, pretty intense actually haha. And the ending was a surprise! I'd love to see a sequel to it like the author talks about in the afterward.
theakaneko Rating
The art is good, the story is... a little weird. For the most part, you can easily forget that the older brother, Maki, is supposed to be 6 and just go with "amnesia-ed into an innocent girl since her Dad and other brother insist on treating her as such". I enjoyed it and would love to see the proposed sequel come to fruition, as well as seeing snippets of this couple's future.
malicia Rating
I should have read the summary... not chose based on the cover... this is at best pointless and stupid... -_-
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