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peichi Rating
I like the concept of exploring ML with gap moe basically. And I should like the first chapter because it's got the elements I usually like, like a strong FL, and a ML who seems like a player but is actually sweet and not good with women. But something just didn't click with me. Nothing made my heart thump even a little and I felt no chemistry between the two. It wasn't unpleasant but extremely forgettable. I don't think I will be checking out future chapters.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Ohohoo! Such a rare cover that lead me to bought right away ^^, same category with the Academy high.. It is Looooove one. Yay! I like this typical of story new edition. Art style is great! The story seems interesting.. Looking forward to the next chapter thank you erenta.
laniaash Rating
Read all three chapters and I have to say, I love “anthology” type stories like this where you get a different pairing in every chapter but it all takes place in the same setting and the female leads are even friends! I think I liked the second story/chapter the best, the couple was really cute.
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