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peichi Rating
Yikes! I was enjoying this despite the somewhat rough art until chapter 3 when it just came out with the surprise (borderline) NTR/cheating. Okay so she's not really in a relationship with the male lead yet, it's still a pet thing, but they have at least a somewhat formal relationship where I thought there would be an unspoken expectation of monogamy. But no, our heroine has no quelms (more like actively consents) about doing some heavy petting/foreplay with another guy who is literally supposed to be gay and in love with the male lead. I am sure they are going to be stopped before going all the way but again the female lead doesn't seem opposed to doing it, so they might as well have in my mind. Also this supposedly gay guy says he likes her because she's slutty. How romantic! YES, he really uses that word TWICE! Anyways I was just shocked and disgusted at the sudden turn this story took and I am dropping it right now. Don't recommend to anyone I guess unless you like cheating.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Heh. Looks like Miyawaka got herself a new good boy!!! Her boss!! Lol!!! Their arrangement is all kinds of crazy. So crazy it has to work? Arts ok. Pacing is good. Characters are interesting. I'm gonna be rooting for this one. It's peeked my interest for sure. Also, Lemon is the cutest name for a doggo!!! RIP Lemon you little sweet cutie. Also the boss is hawt!!!
TwistedMirrorss Rating
i really liked the vibes in the story
SweetBeans Rating
The premise is definitely different, but I'm loving it so far! They seem to have a cute dynamic. Looking forward to more!
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