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SweetBeans Rating
This was really cute. I love stories with tough/mean-looking guys who're actually sweet, and I have to say they were refreshingly good with consent in the steamy scenes compared to what I usually encounter (I've noticed a trend with these stories where there's almost always some level of the protagonists saying "no" while the love interest continues even if the internal dialog makes it clear they like it, but in this story the guy checks in with her and gets verbal confirmation, which was great!)
spicewolf19 Rating
It was short and sweet. The art is beautiful and detailed. I wish this wasn't a oneshot though. I would have loved to seen them actually grow into being in love with each other. I feel like this short plot could be developed into something even greater and different from all the other “Love Manga” plots. It's even different from the mainstream romance manga plots which could be turned into something fun and new in the romance genre.
Carrot Rating
Awww, I wish this was longer! Super cute oneshot
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