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SacredWhite Rating
IT good~. And don't misunderstand. It not about Hakuba x Hinata. It Hinata X Takaomi
kyokobaby Rating
so this is the most excited I've been over a story in a while. final verdict: a supremely eloquent WOW. I'm kinda torn though because it's now completed and on one hand I like that it wasn't drawn out and melodramatic with increasingly absurd arcs but on the other hand I didn't want it to end!?! because the characters are so wonderful and the art is just fantastic?!? and while reading I kept making these little excited "eeeeeee!" noises (but in my head so I didn't wake up my roommate because I'm not a complete jackass), so, uh, yeah. get it, read it, love it.
Magicalkyubei Rating
Absolutely love it! Story is great, characters are interesting, artwork is gorgeous, tension is high; you have to read these! PERIOD! You're gonna love it! Can't wait for more in the series!!
urara Rating
I couldn't wait any longer so I went and bought the JP version! I greatly enjoyed reading this!! I really, really love Takaomi~ He may seem cold and behaved like a jerk sometimes to Hina but Takaomi truly cares about Hina with all his heart. Glad the story didn't go the cliche way and I love how he restrains himself and doesn't rush things where they could have just done the deed and be done with it. I appreciate Takaomi's maturity and coolheadedness throughout.I need a sequel asap!!
chipri Rating
this is truly amazing so far. perfectly logical end to feelings and starting something new with someone new
zahaara Rating
This was really cute but I need more!!!!! That ending felt unfinished.
jessfloyd23 Rating
Need more! Sequel to go more into the relationship
Jacks Rating
I'm loving it so far, tho there are only two chapters released. I already like the main characters. In particular the black haired one since he seems to be cold-tempered, but kinda twisted as well which I really can relate too. lol. I'm looking forward seeing more of this! Btw Great art style.
rexroy101 Rating
What I love about this manga is it will take expected tropes (experienced top/naive bottom, jealousy, etc.) and puts a new spin on them. When you see the set up coming, you expect it to play out like so many others, and in aspects it does, but then there's just a slightly different flavor to the emotions or the reactions that create a more realistic, and balanced reaction. Very lovely story.
Ibeshippin Rating
Oh my God I LOVE this!! I have a big dumb smile on my face haha! My bottom boy is taller than me so I find it funny that the bottom (Hinata) is on the taller side too. Takaomi is a fun-jerky-sweetheart and helping Hinata get over a heart break and that's so sweeeet~!
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