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SacredWhite Rating
IT good~. And don't misunderstand. It not about Hakuba x Hinata. It Hinata X Takaomi
Jacks Rating
I'm loving it so far, tho there are only two chapters released. I already like the main characters. In particular the black haired one since he seems to be cold-tempered, but kinda twisted as well which I really can relate too. lol. I'm looking forward seeing more of this! Btw Great art style.
chipri Rating
this is truly amazing so far. perfectly logical end to feelings and starting something new with someone new
Magicalkyubei Rating
Absolutely love it! Story is great, characters are interesting, artwork is gorgeous, tension is high; you have to read these! PERIOD! You're gonna love it! Can't wait for more in the series!!
ebookrenta0ao0sfgpc Rating
Looooove it!!
hanandduke Rating
Hdjdjsjdvdhdjdjjsjs I want more haha
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