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I couldn't wait any longer so I went and bought the JP version! I greatly enjoyed reading this!! I really, really love Takaomi~ He may seem cold and behaved like a jerk sometimes to Hina but Takaomi truly cares about Hina with all his heart. Glad the story didn't go the cliche way and I love how he restrains himself and doesn't rush things where they could have just done the deed and be done with it. I appreciate Takaomi's maturity and coolheadedness throughout.I need a sequel asap!!
It's just the first chapter and I'm already in love...Yuitsu-sensei's realistic and detailed art is superb! I really like the way sensei draws her characters especially the eyes and lips, Junta is so cool, cute and adorable~! Can't wait for the next chapter! I'm excited to know more about Arata and Junta!!
HIBIRUI FOR LIFE!!!!! This is like a godsend to all us shippers~ The chemistry between them and the other characters are amazing, so cute funny entertaining and I can't stop laughing...Rui's like an open book and his expressions are adorable~~Hibi's poker faced but at times when he shows his emotions *swoons* Oh, and the sexy scenes are hawtー!!! I'm melting!!! I WANT MORE HIBIRUI PLEASE(//∇//)?
They may have started out on the wrong foot but I'm glad and happy when Tsukasa finally reciprocates Danno's feelings and even tried to be considerate of his wants like that's so sweet~~The art is gorgeous and the sexy scenes are delicious despite being censored, love it!!
Amazing, cute and funny, Arata's reactions are hilarious and I love it when he blushes with his freckles, so adorable~~I want more...I'm a huge fan and I hope to see more of Conro-sensei works in Renta!
I truly enjoy reading this, so sweet and cute I love it!! I'll definitely check out more of Yoshio-sensei's works and get them from Japan, I'm loving the art and story very much~thank you!
Fluffy cute and adorable read~~There were many times I was surprised with Takumi's actions and I find him very endearing the more I read on, I enjoyed reading and would love to see more of them!!
I absolutely love Ikuyasu-sensei's work!! This time in vol.2 we get to completely focus and discover more about Kensuke and Matsui! Watching them grow and mature as they get closer brings a tear to my eyes...Matsui is so adorable and cool!!!
Very entertaining! It's refreshing and I really like the twist of the freeloader character. Oh and the H-scenes are suuuuper sexy and hot!!! Highly recommended!
Hands down one of my absolute favourite BL title! It shows the struggles of the characters really well and the traumatic pasts were portrayed nicely. I couldn't hold back my tears at the part he broke down and cry! Yoneda Kou-sensei never fails and this is a great title.
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