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ChattyK2125 Rating
Wow! What a love story between Aki and Nao! I really hope to see more develop between these two cute boys who are experiencing love for the first time with the person they have both loved all their life, the next door neighbor. They would crawl through each other's window their houses were so close. Nao was always holding back and never touching Aki. Aki was giving more and more signs. Let's just say Nao walked in on Aki doing something in the shower to release and that set them both off. From then on they were making love non-stop. Will Nao pass his Entrance exam after all the love making? Can't wait to find our with this amazingly cute tale!
Rodrigo72517 Rating
This is a really cute story, I can't wait to read more
secretobsession Rating
They are the SWEETEST!!! Love them both great simple slice of life!! I'm crossing my fingers the next two volumes get translated as well!!
Cram Rating
Only 14 chapters? That's definitively too short by far. Arrgh!
zyegirl4535 Rating
This is adorable but mostly just fluffy wholesome enjoyment.
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