User Reviews For: What's Wrong with Being Dramatic?


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ChattyK2125 Rating
OMG They are just falling for each other! Please continue with this. I feel like their story is not done. We have just been teased, now for the really sexy stuff right???
Zaryah5 Rating
This was incredibly sweet and if you're looking for a sweet school romance this is exactly what you're looking for the characters and the whole story are just insanely sweet
Alunsford97 Rating
I want to like it I really do but the dialogue and art are just so so simple. I love the concept of child hood friends having a blooming romantic relationship but the art is so plain it's really hard to get sucked in. It's just not sexy, boarder line boring even. I might have given the second chapter a shot if I had the option to rent but with buying as the only choice I just can't justify getting anymore chapters, the art really is the most important factor and there was no real depth to their expressions at all. Unfortunate.
Dae093 Rating
This is soo lovely omg I can't wait for the next chapter!!!
CarmillaKarnstein Rating
The story is cute, and the development of their relationship and feelings feels so real. It reminded me of bittersweet memories of my own high school life, and the sex was very realistic. I would love to read more from this mangaka.
encodespress Rating
this is very cute!
alnatsuhi Rating
Super cute
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