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dirtyangeltoes Rating
It's only the first chapter, but I can already tell this manga is going to pull at my heart strings. It seems to be a story about growth and healing, as one of the main characters had previously been in a war torn country and abused while there (I suppose this could be considered a very small 'trigger' warning for anyone that's not good with handling or seeing people that have gone through physical abuse). That being said, the art is absolutely beautiful and adds to the charm... I can tell I'm going to love it. I'm rooting for both characters to grow together and fall in love, and I can't wait to see where the author goes with their relationship.
Niyeong Rating
All the feels. I don't know how I feel about him developing feeling for his parent figure tho
juliejones Rating
Absolutely love this, very cute story. If you're looking for any smut this is not for you, but if you just want some lighthearted fluff to make you happy then this is a great story to pass some time.
ebookrenta0pi2o9y0j Rating
So cute! The art is very well done and the story is very sweet (although I do want to add *mild spoiler* that one of the main characters falls for their non-relative parent figure, so that may be a turn off for some readers).I do really wish there was one more chapter though!! It almost feels unfinished but it's a great story regardless.
Stone Rating
I love reading healing stories! And creature people! ( ? looking people! ? looking people! *Cough*).
Riversqueen1 Rating
I love the entire series
Kittychi75 Rating
This was a very unique story of love that builds; though I'm used to a good balance of smut and plot, Lyco's growth had to be shown. And though I was low-key hoping for more action beyond a kiss (cute ones) at the end, I was happy to see things work out for them to finally be able to live as partners. Great story overall!
Whoops Rating
So short! I was hoping it would be longer..
CaptainRenta Rating
This manga is compulsively readable. Future chapters can't come soon enough.
Palo Rating
I really enjoyed this. Nothing seemed rushed and it showed some good character development that made things seem more natural.