User Reviews For: Addicted to Your Touch -Experiencing All My Firsts with You-


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Noodlebat Rating
Storyline is great. The art however...starts really good but by book 4 it's become quite different, less detailed and kinda sloppy. Which is disappointing cause it's an interesting read and I like the characters but the drop in art quality is quite distracting.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love childhood friends to lovers trope!!!! It's especially my favorite it they're each other's firsts too!!! Not sure if Toru is as experienced as he seems to be suggesting, but I think Saki might not be his first:( anyway art is really pretty and I like how straightforward they seem to be with one another. Kinda want to see how honest they'll be with each other going forward.
jibbersweet55 Rating
I have a soft spot for Toru. And the stupid Asagi guy comes and causes trouble.
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