User Reviews For: That Time When I Was a Side Character in a Magical Journey


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
A++++ I love this!!!! Totally shipping Michiru and her big brotherly retainer Cainlotte. This is so cute!!! Art isn't bad. I'm liking the mcs a lot so far wanna see what happens next, since I really have no idea what is going on in this story. But I absolutely adore them!!!!
Nuria74 Rating
This is great, I loved, i can't wait for the next one.
Djinni Rating
Super cute isekai story that does it better then most (the transition). Funny too. Psyched for more
Rogue42 Rating
This is my fav story so far, I couldn't stop laughing. I need more, hopefully they release more soon
mochisenpai Rating
Ahhhh! I'm so happy to see this manga here! It's an adaptation of a fun, silly, and? from what I heard ?eventually pretty sexy isekai novel, but I didn't get to read very many chapters of that, so I'm glad I'll get to read more of the story here. The art is lovely, with fabulous bishonen, and the cute stuff is particularly cute. The mangaka has done a great job adapting the fun, bubbly feel of the novel. I laughed out loud at several points during the first few chapters. I'm really looking forward to reading more.
jibbersweet55 Rating
That was unfair. I want to know how Cain is going to react.
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