User Reviews For: I'm Not the Boy You Remember -My Housekeeper Has Trouble Keeping the Sheets Clean-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Lol!!!!!! That's some service Takumi!!! My oh my!!! This good!!! I love when there's a reunion of sorts going on and this is about two people who weren't really friends but just classmates and had a pretty bad experience between them go down. Now both are older and pretty successful in their own sectors. Ones a busy career woman with no time for men or chores. And the other is a hunky cleaner who used to be cute!!!! This is good!!! It's funny, cringey at times and oh so hawt!!!! Next please!!!
peichi Rating
I can't stop laughing over the vibrator! Basically our girl here is a queen at work but a mess at home and can't cook or clean to save her life. Her friend hires a housekeeper to help her out, but it turns out to be a childhood friend who she hadn't spoken to since they had a fight as kids. And of course he's smoking hot now. While cleaning he finds her underwear, her condoms and worst of all her vibrator!! Before he can even say anything she says she'll do anything to keep him quiet. And of course he had a crush on her way back so you know what that means. Now l'm pretty sure she just wanted to sleep with him too because logically there wasn't anyone he could tell that to they only just met again and why would he even say that to anyone he'd look like a total creep lol. Anyways the art is a little rough, looks great sometimes and other times weird/off so that's mainly why I am deducting a star. Otherwise I can't wait to see where this goes.
sasaraRH Rating
I wasn't sure how i felt about this manga at first, then as it progressed in the first chapter, i was hooked. I love the dynamic between the characters, the storyline thys far, and the development. I also love the art, plus the H scenes don't disappoint. The FL is independent, stubborn, hard working and awesome (given her few flaws in home economics- which i really wish wasn't a trope, but what can you do) however the ML makes up for those flaws and even more makes up for a few other things that i won't spoil. I like the progression of their relationship and cant wait to read more!Highly recommend!
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