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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute cute cute!!! Ikumi is a writer with a horrible case of writer's block and her editor is worried about her. So he sends in reinforcements, his good ol pal Renji!! Who we know nothing about as of chapter one. But he does have a very dependable and “I'm a grown up” aura. The art has a kinda late 90s shoujo look to it. I'm digging it. I like that Ikumi isn't afraid to voice her opinions or shout them lol!! Interested in seeing how things go and getting Renji's backstory.
PassionDevourer Rating
Sometimes it pays to type random words into the search engine. Really happy I stumbled upon this story. Our girl is easily relatable and a bit insecure, which I can see only improving as the story progresses. Her debut novel sets up a nice theme that I look forward to being explored, and though neither her editor or her friend have been explored much thus far, I look forward to learning more about each of them in the following chapters. Lots of appreciation to the author and everyone involved for what feels like the start to a truly heartwarming story.
kyokobaby Rating
I really feel like more people should give this one a chance!! It's sweet and at times funny (please don't get the impression that "sweet" here means boring, I didn't find that to be the case at all) but note that it's not at all smutty like many other works that use this trope. I enjoyed the characterization and the art quite a bit, and the supporting characters had their own lives, struggles, and personalities. There was also an emotional maturity that was earnest and sincere about the ways that our insecurities affect us, and the story incorporated a consideration for boundaries that really resonated with me. The ending could be interpreted as open-ended in regards to romance but I found it to be a good example of "happily for now". I wouldn't say no to a sequel though!
ebookrenta0q193d1xx Rating
For me stories like this work best with a female lead who is either strong willed or easy going. This is not helped by the fact that I have never been a fan of Fluttershy (overly shy) and the guy has the dough eyes of a young girl. I am not a fan of this story.
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