User Reviews For: Caught in the Act! -I'll Show You Your True Nature-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Wow!! Talk about busted!!! Lol!!! Ok so our girl Kaoru is a plain Jane type and hard worker because she feels that's the only way she'll ever get noticed by her boss, her crush btw. After doing some OT and having no go at her new project she tries to let off some steam only to be caught by the super cute younger night guard!!! And I'm pretty sure his face and smiles are his only cute traits. This man seems like a lot of trouble. With a capital F for fun!!! Go for it Kaoru!!!
Mangareader Rating
I actually like this a lot. Another reviewer noted she is the plain Jane type which describes this well. I like the dichotomy between her and the security guard - he pushes some and she pushes back. It makes their atypical relationship really tolerable. They both obviously want something, whether it's shallow or possssibly a little deeper....but we shall see with more chapters!
AngieAurora93 Rating
The story has great detail and art! I cant wait for the next chapter
Bunnione Rating
Ho ho ho yummmm. This is saucy yayyy more please!
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