User Reviews For: Only I Know My Tutor's Naughty Side.


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Is that the end?! No!!!! Can't be. This is the weirdest and saddest love triangle ever!! Not really, but it's pretty messed up. Yuki is in love with her childhood bestie Hiroto, but he's got a gf and kinda acts like a playboy. Her mom hires a young handsome man to be her tutor. Said tutor has relations with ALL of his students!! Ewww. But Yuki falls hard regardless and Hiroto is there to pick up the pieces because he's in love with her after all. It's ending is ambiguous but go Team Childhood Lovers!!!
Smallbot Rating
The story is condensed, feels rushed, too many time jumps, they condensed a months time into 24pages and then jumped years for the last 2.
animepie Rating
Wow. I hated that. The characters weren't even the least endearing, the plot (if you can even call it that) went at a breakneck speed, there wasn't even any pointless sexy times to make up for it. I don't even know the tutor's motivations for preying on his students. Even the other male lead's jealousy stems from his own fault. Apparently it's a one shot? So it explains the speed but I don't know if I'd enjoy this as a series.
DHime86 Rating
Thanks to the other reviews I at least knew what to except going into this one. I think most of the complaints were the pacing and length bc it seems rush. Reason for that being is that this is a ONESHOT. So naturally pacing and length are gonna seem a bit jarring. All in all, I thought it was decent. Bc it's so short, there's no real time to flush out any real character development, but it does what it can I guess. Ending sorta helps to see why the pacing is what it is too. Especially bc it's basically *SPOILER* a dream. And pacing is usually weird and off in dreams anyways. Again glad I read the other reviews so I knew what I was getting so I had LOW expectations and was able to enjoy it more.
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