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MissMaus Rating
BIG FAT NON-CON WARNING! The first chapter of this has a group sexual assault immediately followed by another assault. Different fictional strokes for different folks, but still. Y'all been warned.
Cloudedmind Rating
I don't normally write reviews, but thought it was important for this manga since there's one review that's a bit misleading. Yes, there's ONE and only one non-con scene. But, the scene doesn't happen between the two title characters. Also, the scene isn't particularly graphic. It shows just enough for you to get an idea of what happened. So it's not fetishing that scene. So rest easy, it's not that type of story.The actual story between the two characters is really very sweet and sentimental. The drawing style is beautiful to look at, and Raven ends up being a lot more adorable then I expected. I really hope we get more stories from this manga-ka.
Daekin Rating
I'm not a fan of war stories, but I really enjoyed the emotional depth of this series. The top review for this, as said before, is misleading. There's one non-con scene in the first chapter, and not between the main characters. It's used as character development and a plot device, which is sort of cliche, but it's well done. The other 5 chapters are about the developing relationship between the title characters, and that's really sweet and well-written--not many stories on here are willing to delve into something as complex and dark as PTSD. The art is nice too, so don't let one comment on the first chapter ruin the whole thing.
freakzalive Rating
I'm really enjoying the intensity that's come from this, even if I'm only three chapters in, and I love this gritty art style and the tough characters fighting on equal ground. It's also nice following a series where I have no idea if it's a regular romance or a tragedy. This author is amazing at gripping my emotions and pulling them in such unexpected directions. I would love to find more series like this! I really hope that Renta is able to pick up more titles from Tobidase-sensei and I'm really looking forward to the resolution for this book.
ChattyK2125 Rating
I really loved this series following two guys one older, one younger into war...the horrible nature of the war that eventually brought them back together. The love the two share is so real...special...unique. It was sad when one had to watch the abuse of the other to help protect another young kid and get back the kids ring only to have the kid die. The 2 don't actually get intimate with each other until the end when they thought they had no time left. It was a beautiful love story. Very smexy. Highly recommend!
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