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dirtyangeltoes Rating
Right from the get-go, the plot for this is unique and captivating. There is more going on than we're being told, and it sucks you right in. The story is about a young high-school boy who comes across a fugitive in hiding, whom he then decides to start helping. Obviously the boy is starting to want to know more about this mysterious man, and I can't wait to see where things lead. Their interactions are interesting and wholesome... and add in some absolutely beautiful art work, and I know this manga is going to be great (and hopefully smutty just like all of Ito Agata sensei's other works have been!).So far it's off to an amazing start, I can't wait for the next chapters!
belovedless Rating
I started & finished this series in one sitting. The story follows an isolated, wealthy HS boy as he discovers friendship & romance for the first time, but that's where the typical trope veers off the tracks: The focus of his interest is a gruff, handsome fugitive-in-hiding. Their connection builds slowly; the plot manages to conceal the backstory for a long amount of time without frustrating the reader. I was unsure if I'd be OK with the age-gap, but in the end, I supported their connection & was impressed by the writing & art. What started as a rental turned into an upgrade buy. I highly recommend this for its well-written plot and angsty first love story.SPOILERS:...There are some steamy scenes about halfway through, a touch of dub-con, but the one leading is the HS boy and not the older man. There's a happy ending.
saisang1490 Rating
I love Agata Ito ???There's really something about 'two strangers meeting and falling in love' tropes. Hajime, you brave and sweet boy!
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