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Akiu Rating
I loved it! The art is so beautiful. The characters are hot and OMG the sex scenes!!! It not just the usual positions, there are some well drawn new kind of views.The story has depth and the MCs have background. There are also some funny scenes.They go hiking in the story, there's a wonderful mountain view, too!
FrenziedMage86 Rating
I thought that they could have gotten more out of this storyline, however it was really cute, a little bittersweet sweet with a reward at the end kinda deal. Great art, Fabulous bodies!!!
MioAkiyama Rating
The Fool's Mountain Night.Kira got his money robbed by his ex bf that ran away, decide to take a bus to nowhere. Decided to hike up a hill without proper gears, slipped and got saved by Kunio.Kunio didn't like his rash attitude as Kira discover Kunio's deepest secret tries to woo him into his heart. I really how they manage to put in Kunio's back story it makes us understand him better.Plot 5/5
sarahgayflint Rating
I'm gonna re-read this a lot, I can already tell.
jubiaj Rating
I need mooooore. This is such an amazing story. Great day pace and artwork. Def felt warm and fuzzy after reading it
HorseObsessed Rating
I Love this story! The artwork is Gorgeous! Very few authors on this site these days do artwork this beautifully. The scenery is done so well, it's like a photograph, even the distances are perfect. I look forward to reading more works from this author. Get this story! :()
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