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Fuphanie Rating
So far it is hard to say where this will go, but so far it seems good. The artwork is a plus, and I can't wait to see more of it.
GrimLuciel Rating
Plz be aware this doesn't have any sexual content! It's suuuuuuch a slow burn and no real payoff imo. The art is very nice but the end even felt a bit rushed for something that slowburned for 9 chapters.
AgentDeathRae Rating
Slowest burn ever. Very little romance. On chapter 9 and still no story progression. I will keep buying now just out if sheer stubborness. The art IS gorgeous and if you like a long, slow crawl, this story is interesting.
Bambi Rating
This is a really good story! Please don't mind the low reviews they just mad it didn't have any sex scenes lol. This progressed like a normal relationship strangers-friends-lovers. Felt really genuine! :)
kenbot04 Rating
I truly enjoyed how the characters' thoughts, feelings, and development were clearly portrayed to the reader.
LEi573 Rating
You know I ended up reading this on another website.....and I found it quiet quaint. I do like the tone and the pace of it all....but, I also like that he stood up,to his mom.....good job
Bunny777 Rating
This is a love story, pure and simple. It's beautiful and well worth the read!
pecas08 Rating
This is cute.The story was good and the illustration is really good.Real sad we didnt get any steamy scene.
blossomanime Rating
Good feeling!
CelestialGod Rating
Super good! I enjoyed the plot/storyline!Definitely worth the read <3
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