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magicalclaire Rating
I love the art style for these characters it's really good
ebookrenta0uhqj5yhs Rating
I love anything and everything by Riko Sakura! So happy that Renta is giving us more.
aliceanimelover Rating
Hmmm..... I really, really wanted to like it... but it was just so cliche... and forced. I get it, "love at first sight" could be a thing, I guess, but it just didn't work well in this case. The relationship feels uneasy..... I was willing to overlook the harassment by accepting that the pushy-ness is part of the seme character's personality. His dejection is only a natural response to being constantly rejected and having to realize how toxic his behavior is towards the person he "loves". However, I refuse to believe that being ghosted for two days was enough for the uke to realized he has also "fallen in love" too. It felt rushed and forced. I liked how natural it felt at the beginning when he was willing to be open minded about a person of the same sex being attracted to him, but.....Meh, what am I complaining about? It's such a common theme in "yaoi" that I shouldn't be surprised anymore.....This story had potential. Thanks for the hard work anyway, author!
Dania99 Rating
Riko Sakura is my favourite author! I will buy anything by her and I am never disappointed. Perfect blend of fluff, smut, and loving semes.
Maevalily Rating
Waaaay too cliche with needless drama. Usually good smut makes up for the drama and misunderstandings but this doesn't even have that ==“ I didn't expect the story to be so needlessly convoluted, with characters introduced just to add drama, then contradicting their own purposes just to be the one to bring the couple together in the end. I barely skimmed through maybe 2 volumes worth of dialogue and didn't miss out on a single thing. Basically, this manga could've ended in 2 or 2 1/2 volumes but just dragged on for 5.
candy Rating
I'm not sure how I felt while reading this. A huge guy that looks like a bully fells in love with this guy who used to behave like a bully and isn't afraid of him. The development was a little too fast for me, but the reading experience was nice and I don't regret purchasing. The smut was on point and the story was easy to digest.
Tatertotter7 Rating
Overdressed Rating
Wry sweet, great art.
Kazz Rating
I loooooove this!!! It's really a good read specially the kid.. He's so adorable I just want to eat the him!!! ?BL kids are such a gem!Also, I WANT MORE OF YUKI AND AKI's lovedovey!
premonix98 Rating
I loved the story and couldn't stop reading once I started I really home their is more to come ? aki and yuki are adorable and i love the understanding between them at the end i dont want to stop reading
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