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magicalclaire Rating
I love the art style for these characters it's really good
ebookrenta0uhqj5yhs Rating
I love anything and everything by Riko Sakura! So happy that Renta is giving us more.
aliceanimelover Rating
Hmmm..... I really, really wanted to like it... but it was just so cliche... and forced. I get it, "love at first sight" could be a thing, I guess, but it just didn't work well in this case. The relationship feels uneasy..... I was willing to overlook the harassment by accepting that the pushy-ness is part of the seme character's personality. His dejection is only a natural response to being constantly rejected and having to realize how toxic his behavior is towards the person he "loves". However, I refuse to believe that being ghosted for two days was enough for the uke to realized he has also "fallen in love" too. It felt rushed and forced. I liked how natural it felt at the beginning when he was willing to be open minded about a person of the same sex being attracted to him, but.....Meh, what am I complaining about? It's such a common theme in "yaoi" that I shouldn't be surprised anymore.....This story had potential. Thanks for the hard work anyway, author!
Dania99 Rating
Riko Sakura is my favourite author! I will buy anything by her and I am never disappointed. Perfect blend of fluff, smut, and loving semes.
Tatertotter7 Rating
Overdressed Rating
Wry sweet, great art.
Kazz Rating
I loooooove this!!! It's really a good read specially the kid.. He's so adorable I just want to eat the him!!! ?BL kids are such a gem!Also, I WANT MORE OF YUKI AND AKI's lovedovey!
premonix98 Rating
I loved the story and couldn't stop reading once I started I really home their is more to come ? aki and yuki are adorable and i love the understanding between them at the end i dont want to stop reading
acedevorak Rating
Great art!! Kind of a basic story, with expected conflict but I thought it was super sweet! How Yukiharu acts like a dog and how Yuki (sweet baby boy) helped Aki come to his wits :") super cute!
Daekin Rating
Story and art is nice. Would love it if there were more, but as it is, it's sweet and simple.
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