User Reviews For: Servitude to Master Ur -Auctioned in a Distant Land for a Million Dollars


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hmm? It's like harlequin took a little detour to erotica. Human trafficking and auctions and a prince like figure we know nothing about. Only that he's smoking hawt (too beautiful for me) and that he purchased our girl Sakura because of her vial of perfume?? Eh??? I'm usually quick to judge and drop things that seem a bit unsavory. But heck, new year, new outlook!! The art is gorgeous and I really want to see what Ur is all about.
Aili Rating
Probably the most gorgeous artwork I've seen in any manga on Renta, the level of detail is stunning. I liked it enough to buy it solely for the art and I'll occasionally just flip through the pages to admire it without reading. Not to say the story isn't good, it is. There's nothing too explicit in the nsfw sense, though it does occasionally toe the line. The plot isn't all romance, but it also has political intrigue, scheming, drama, action, etc. I recommend it if you're looking for something with good substance.
Tantalusqual Rating
Beautiful art, slightly steamy. Love it so far.
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