User Reviews For: There's No Way This Is Fate. -Newlyweds Arc-


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Cygnus Rating
Yay!! A sequel! Good start on their lovey dovey newlywed life. Looking forward to more chapters!
animepie Rating
I honestly hate how much I love this series. Lmao. It's great how their polyamorous relationship works so well and so hilariously. God. They're so stupid, I adore them.
yuri Rating
Couldn't wait for more!
Courtniway3 Rating
Can't wait for more episodes. Love this story.
CutieSyakekochan Rating
This is one of my favorite omegaverse ever. It's both hilarious and cute as hell, and their polyamorous relationship is so satisfying to see. It's not just Kou and Ginga sharing Yuu, they also love each other too and it's great ! And speaking of Yuu, he's one of my fave omega character too, such a cool and confident guy.
ebookrenta04mganvl6 Rating
Waterbaby09 Rating
Absolutely loved this and was eagerly waiting for the completion of it.
Sachmet Rating
Well I actually loved the first season. In this one however there is no further development between the characters. It's cute and contains a lot of hot stuff but the story is only a bunch of silly anecdotes that lead to nothing. It would have been better to keep it shorter and develop the story of Tanzen. I was also rather disappointed when Ginga and Kou lost their memories and were swooning all about each other but Yuuzen came just before they got closer. The story is always about how much Kou and Ginga also love each other, but in fact it's only empty words without anything to happen between them. So in the end there simply wasn't anything new. I have higher hopes for the next season, due to the interesting cliff hanger with Tanzen.
Serenity36018 Rating
Can't say enough good things about this manga. The bottom is a totally power bottom. I love to read about him winning against his TWO tops.
TouchOfSpite Rating
I love this series so much! Honestly love everything this author has written so far! Already desperate for the next chapter!