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kyokobaby Rating
Okay so I feel like I need to say that the pee thing is not, strictly speaking, a sex thing. It's more like... a plot device, I guess? Pee as a kink is definitely not my thing, and I found that the instances in question in this manga are not much different (or worse) than someone puking because they drank too much. Anyway! I really like the art style and have enjoyed the author's other works here on renta. The characters are cute. There's humor. There's no overwrought melodrama, no supervillains. It's really worth a try!!
jingleclove Rating
Warning: Pee to look out for with the first couple.I didn't mind it, but others might stray away from that type of thing; the first couple has that going for them at least. The story itself is nice, part-timer slowly falls for a a customer and they slowly become friends and eventually lovers. He finds out how different he is day/night and they go on from there. The second couple involves a manicurist who cross-dresses for his side job and an office worker who fell in love at first glance. Their story is fun in the sense of the manicurist's personality doing a complete 180 once he gets to know more about the office worker and falls for him. It got a bit messy with the manicurist's side job client, but even then I guess it helped the manicurist take his feelings more seriously. Office worker was very pure with his understanding of romance so that was fun to witness.I bought it for the pee couple but its an overall fun read lol.
Mnky3 Rating
I bought it from the ads. It's cute but the pee thing was weird for the first story. He just kept peeing his pants... might want to save on something else.
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