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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is hella cute and funny! I love a megane couple!!! Also our fmc is so earnest. She loves romance but is hiding the fact that she's a pro wrestler. I'd be bragging lol. And our mc is rather blunt and the least bit of a romantic. So I'm really curious what version of our fmc he falls for first.
Bunbunsenpai Rating
Really cute story FL is very cute and through I ship her more with her coworker than the actual ML I still am routing for her to get her prince charming!
Fairyfluff Rating
This is perfection and I want more.
gustavbel Rating
I loved how fun and original this premise was, though the last chapter seemed to come very suddenly. It was a cute story, but I never really liked the male lead at all? He's kind of a jerk and I don't think they were really compatible to begin with.
Lily Rating
This story is funny. FL tried to hide her identity so that she could live a romance life just like in faction shoujo manga but the guy she has a crash on was a complete realistic guy, not romantic, always straight to the point, not even care about how people would think that he was a mean guy. That why it's so funny when seeing their interaction completely different from her imagination. I love to read this until the the end.
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