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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is hella cute and funny! I love a megane couple!!! Also our fmc is so earnest. She loves romance but is hiding the fact that she's a pro wrestler. I'd be bragging lol. And our mc is rather blunt and the least bit of a romantic. So I'm really curious what version of our fmc he falls for first.
Bunbunsenpai Rating
Really cute story FL is very cute and through I ship her more with her coworker than the actual ML I still am routing for her to get her prince charming!
Fairyfluff Rating
This is perfection and I want more.
Agumon71 Rating
I absolutely loved this series!! Th main character is an adorable dork and a BAMF rolled up into one. I was behind her all the way, the wrestling stuff is sprinkled throughout but really enriches the world. The guy was too wooden for me but that is only a small slight. This was just straight up a fun, comedic ride. It doesn't have a definitive ending but it hints at things to come. Wish there was more because I really liked the main character.
canadiana Rating
A fun story, but the ending wasn't very satisfactory. As someone else said, the coworker ends up being shown as a more interesting/good match for the FMC. I feel like the MMC didn't have any positive traits shown in the story either which made it kinda sad that the FMC confessed "love" for him at the end.I think this could have been an excellent story of we got more emotional turmoil and conflict from the fact the coworker was genuinely nice and interested in the FMC, and then maybe there was a tsundere/jealous aspect to the MMC that gave him some redemption from his cold analytical personality.
gustavbel Rating
I loved how fun and original this premise was, though the last chapter seemed to come very suddenly. It was a cute story, but I never really liked the male lead at all? He's kind of a jerk and I don't think they were really compatible to begin with.
Lily Rating
This story is funny. FL tried to hide her identity so that she could live a romance life just like in faction shoujo manga but the guy she has a crash on was a complete realistic guy, not romantic, always straight to the point, not even care about how people would think that he was a mean guy. That why it's so funny when seeing their interaction completely different from her imagination. I love to read this until the the end.
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