User Reviews For: Can We Do It Harder? -A Too-Serious Man And A Tough 30-Year-Old


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ummm I think Daisuke flipped his switch there towards the end. It had a cute vibe going on there for a bit, and then he kinda got all growly. Curious to see if he's a dominant lover or what? Not bad.
GhostUmbrella Rating
Quite like the FL, not ashamed about sex, which is so refreshing. Def go for it if you like the nerdy then wild type of ML, I highly recommend. Also, it's damn hot??
Luluna2000 Rating
Really hot and steamy romance. ML very charming in the strong, silent type. FL feels very relatable. First time was a little dubious, but the remaining times have been absolutely consensual and enthusiastic. Relationship progressed to marriage & baby, satisfying if you're looking for that. 5/5
satearia Rating
A surprisingly wholesome story. I enjoyed both the lead characters and their sweet chemistry.
pagarama Rating
I love this series and these two MCs! So hot together and the sweet moments were so loving and heart warming!
nickel Rating
Very earnest and cute! The progression was fun and hot! Love a female lead who knows what she wants 10/10
fluteko Rating
Really enjoyed this series. When he gets back from his internship... omg - I wish something remotely that romantic could happen for me one day.
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