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Bunnione Rating
Wow! I love the art, the scenes are so nice & smutty.I dig the realistic story line, a thirty something strong willed woman & what real women face being strong.A gorgeous thirty something man not afraid to get down. Yayyy can't wait for more!
HisaOoshala Rating
Kiyoko! Shut up and let Seigo love you!
viktuurishipper Rating
The ML of this manga gives the ML from Ninja Love is to Ninja Live run for his money on the hotness scale.
susanbd21 Rating
I love the story! the looks the male lead gives are aces. Just wish... if you are going to draw a 33 year old woman and 35 year old man then do it! Boobs that big stop being perky after 28, it's just a fact of gravity on skin.
andiekae Rating
I've been reading this story for a while now and it's really good! I wasn't sure about how the concept would play out at first, but so far it's turned out well. The art is lovely and the characters are great. My ONLY complaint and the reason I'm giving this 4 stars is the translation/localization. I feel like it was pretty good at the start but I started to notice it's really off or awkward in some places, sometimes during the sex scenes. It really takes away from the dirty talk or emotional moments too, in my opinion, especially when we're getting people saying “your thing” or using third person to refer to themselves. Otherwise it's great, I'm definitely reading it to the end!
durianduri19 Rating
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