User Reviews For: I'm Melting Under Your Fingertips


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I loved the first couple of chapters so much!! I was like yes!!! Get it girl!! I loved how much they both craved one another after not being able to make time for each other as often as they'd like. But somewhere after chapter 4 or so they brought in love rivals for both of them and I'm like nooooooo!!!! It ups the angst for sure, but I thought this would be more fun :( still good, but the steamy scenes are kinda taking a nosedive imo.
antiem Rating
The ending was kind of vague, but overall a nice story about office romance that is kept a secret. The ending is quick: one minute single, the next they have rings. The smut was very mild, but you could tell they were passionate about each other. And even though it was short, it had the secondary romance figures. The art was average, but not bad in any way. I would read this again and again.
swimmergal1207 Rating
Not my cup of tea but I'll probably continue reading it. I can only see the ML's affection for the FL when they're having sex. I think the FL is too good for him.
Lumina77 Rating
I actually really love this manga. It really does a good job representing what a relationship is like especially one that starts to lack in communication. I also like that even though they brought love rivals in, none of them are pushy and it feels more realistic. The artwork is also really fantastic and I'm looking forward to more chapters!
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